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Lara Vouk

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lara Vouk, a Slovene born in Austria, completed her studies in fashion design and drama. She works in various fields of art, from theater and film through music to other visual and sound arts.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Costume Design
  • Film
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts

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Lara studied fashion design in Vienna. During her studies she assisted at KAYIKO’s luxury label and Vera Henrike Hetzel and worked on her own projects, combining installation art and fashion design. Beside her studies, with friend and theatre director Mira Stadler, she established the theatre group klubTeatr (KSŠŠD). With growing interest for performance and acting, she went to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to study drama acting. During her studies she acted mainly in movies and won the academy’s students award for best lead role twice.

When finishing her acting studies, she started exploring working as a director with students in their own theatre group. At the same time she experienced producing movies as an assistent at Zavod NOSOROGI and later with the film iniciative Filmsko društvo AVE NIM, which she co-established. When coming to Ljubljana for studying, Lara started playing synthesizers with the band INSAN, which released it’s first album INSAN & Grupa Ljudi in december 2019.

These days Lara is focusing more and more on music and vocal work, starting the new band project IĆEŠ U GEPEK with her husband, and preparing several side projects in different musical genres. Her main guide is staying in touch with her soul’s changing and expanding interests, always following what her heart desires to explore. May it be bodywork, dance, singing, woodwork or whatsoever. During the last year’s lockdowns she also resumed her interest for fashion, working on re- and up-cycling fashion and exploring new possibilities in that field. Acting remains her main occupational field, and she is preparing two roles for upcoming movies in 2022.