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Kollektiv Kubik

Weimar, Germany

Kollektiv Kubik is a colourful team of designers, craftswomen, theatre and cultural scientists, urbanists and friends. By means of interactive installations, urban interventions, street performances, urban theatre, art education and design workshops they encourage a self-determined and positive society.

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  • Installation Art
  • Street Theatre
  • Urban Arts

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Kollektiv Kubik uses art, design and theatre to open up new perspectives, to bring people together and encourage them to see themselves as an active part of society. In doing so, the team likes to work right in the middle of rural as well as urban spaces and communities. Through interventions in public space, they disrupt everyday habits of seeing and behaving and performatively intervene in the now.

The Kollektiv Kubik members see themselves as initiators of short- and long-term complicity, they like to encourage people to play and create, and want to empower them to co-create social realities. In this way, islands of togetherness are created, which inspire people to become co-producers of the positive. To this end, Kollektiv Kubik creates small inviting gestures that call on people to be courageous. Kollektiv Kubik is an interdisciplinary team of creative thinkers and makers.

This is the core team:

– Wiebke Mueller, Scenography/Costume Design (Karlsruhe)
– Anne Marx, Textile Art/Graphic Design (Weimar)
– Henriette Mai Huong Abitz, Design & Crafts/Project Management (Berlin)
– Billie Enders, Cultural Sciences/Theatre Pedagogy (Leipzig)
– Franziska Waldschmitt, Human-centered Design/Facilitation (Frankfurt)
– Annika Hollmichel, Urbanism/Performance (Frankfurt)
– Lena Neuner, Illustration/Graphic Design (Weimar)

Kollektiv Kubik was founded in Weimar and the city remains the collective’s base, yet it is active in many different regions and open to explore new places.