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Jelena Milićević

Belgrade, Serbia

Jelena Milićević is an artist from Belgrade and graduate of Fine Arts at University of Belgrade. She specializes in engraving and lithography. Jelena has had numerous individual and group exhibitions so far. Many of her drawings and prints are included in various public and private collections.

  • Visual Arts

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In her early work Jelena was interested in exploring engraving and lithography. Her main themes in this early work were human body and interior design of some of her favourite places to go in Belgrade where she lives.

Later, Jelena decided to go “back to basics” and start making drawings with felt pens on paper like she did when she was a child. Her experiment with fluorescent felt pens has become work that counts hundreds of drawings in which she uses colours and silhouettes of people, mostly women she draws, to explore and examine people relationships, love and its every day challenges and moments of intimacy.

Her work has become more conceptual in time as she started adding different provocative captions and names of her drawings, even on the drawings itself. Jelena has had several individual exhibitions and numerous participations in group exhibitions around the region. Some of her individual exhibitions that took place in Belgrade are called You are not ready!, 4 walls, and Everybody loves somebody sometimes.