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Jelena Jaćimović

Belgrade, Serbia

Illustrator, designer and activist. Jelena has a PG and MA from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. Collaborations: Škograd, UNICEF, OXFAM, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Befem, CINS , Srebrenica Memorial, Humanitarian Law Center. Awards: Befem Award for activist design (2019) and Jelena Santic Award (2020).

  • Digital Art
  • Illustration
  • Poetry
  • Urban Arts
  • Visual Arts

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Jelena has frequently collaborated with Škograd on the programs with pupils of “Vlada Obradović Kameni” school on the Belgrade city perifery – organizing workshops and publishing the How We Build Škograd publication that discusses different methodologies we used for rethinking everyday urban life and education in our city’s periphery, focused on the neighbourhood of Ledine.

Jelena collaborates with Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade on this project still and sometimes participates in classes related to activism and education trough art.

With UNICEF Jelena worked on Viber stickers for U-Report 2019. – the community participation tool enabling young people to express their opinions and be active advocates for positive change in their communities and among friends.

Srebrenica Memorial, Humanitarian Law Center – The exhibition ARCHIWAR by Jelena Jaćimović represents a way of resisting the dominant memory politics in Serbia based on nationalism and militarism that encompasses the denial of war crimes and genocide committed by Serb forces, glorification of sentenced war criminals and army, and instrumentalisation of Serb victims. You can see every artwork and info about it on Jelena is currently planning and working on 15 more artworks that will be exibited in Srebrenica this year on Memorial day.

CINS – Jelena worked on the interactive website that analyzes the responsibility between institutions, police and brutal domestic violence against women (everything is based on a true case – Olga Lovric was murdered by her ex-husband in front of the Department of Social Services in Belgrade in 2017).

OXFAM – she made some illustrations for workshops that were focused on connecting migrants and people that live in small cities and villages in Serbia while playing sports together.