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I Patom Theatre

I Patom Theatre is the theatrical partnership of Aude Lorrillard and Vita Malahova.

  • Carnival
  • Music
  • Physical Theatre
  • Street Theatre
  • Theatre

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Both graduates of Accademia Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland), Aude Lorrillard and Vita Malahova found themselves working together in several disciplines and wanted to combine their artistic ideas with their experiences to create a theatre group together. Through physical expression and music, I Patom Theatre aims to develop a unique scenic language tied by the creation of strong images and linked with a fine dramaturgic headline. From out of the works of this company is spawned the desire to share their work to a large audience; every culture and nationality. I Patom Theatre questions hierarchy, otherness, and communication. Inspired by reality, I Patom Theatre’s research is based on testimonies and daily life’s stories and aim to transform it in a performative way.

Their on-going project Ask the Bread is based on true stories from Lavtian countryside farmers. From this point of departure, the company is collaborating with contemporary artists such as the photographer Vika Eksta or the Italian composer Alberto Barberis, in order to reflect on the transmission of traditions in contemporary life. I Patom Theatre see in Performance Art a way of (re)inventing an aesthetic built on reality, inspired by traditions.

I Patom Theatre is constantly collaborating with various theatre companies and directors by participating in artistic residencies, giving workshops, playing in festivals and cultural events. Since 2016, the duo have toured in Ukraine, Switzerland, Denmark, South Italy, France, Turkey, and Iraq. At the moment the theatre company is based in Switzerland and is touring with their performance I Ran and Got Tired and children performance Colorful Tales.