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Helga Ambak

Helga Ambak is an illustrator focused on storytelling and children’s books.

  • Illustration
  • Installation Art
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts

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Helga is fascinated about telling stories with images. With experience in working in different fields as an illustrator (album artwork, posters for cultural events etc.), her biggest passion are books for children, adding something that makes them interesting for all kinds of public. Helga has collaborated with Sembra Llibres and ZOO on two different books for children.

The focus of her work is in the capacity of the illustrator to enrich the stories being told – to push the reader inside the universe of the story. She experiments with the pop-up books, combined with the action of playing. The capacity to create worlds with paper, grow them and modify them, encourage the younger readers to use their creativity and based on the narration, explore the possibilities of their imagination.