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Gustav Hendriksen

Aarhus, Denmark

Gustav Hendriksen is primarily a bassplayer, singer and composer. Key words for his music are: vulnerability, honesty, courage and lyrical activism. He enjoys broad and cross-artistic collaborations. Highlighting bass and vocals, his compositions expand with recorded natural sounds as well as synth, guitar and drums.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Installation Art
  • Music
  • Spoken Word

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Gustav works primarily with music and secondarily with poetry. With different projects he has performed in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Türkey, Italy and Ghana. He has used his music to address climate crisis issues, to discuss human rights and to attempt empowering the less privileged in Ghana and Uganda. He has been worked with cross-artistic impro-groups and co-writing bands.

Now, focusing on his solo project Gustav Hendriksen, he is releasing his debut theme-Ep: NOW. The Ep can best be described as alternative organic artpop. The next focus is to write an album alone in the danish forests. He has experience in playing and composing pop, rock, funk, jazz, roots, free and ghaneian music. He has been focusing on creatively interpreting the role of the Bass, creating vocal harmonies and writing lyrical, honest and groovy tunes.

In 2020, he composed a sound installation for Catharina Vergeer’s graduation from Rietvelt academy. In the spring he was in Ghana, learning traditional music and collaborating on a musical-social project. In 2019, he was a part of the project Humarts in Turkey – interpreting human rights to a performance with people from Europe and the Middle East. The same year he released his first conceptual written booklet and went on the first tour with his solo project.

As a bassplayer/singer/arranger and composer he has been a part of the following projects: Gustav Hendriksen Collective 2018-21, Johanna Denning band 2021, African Footprint int. 2020, SKÈR Impro collective 2018-19, Thomas Meilstrup 2019, To Absent Friends 2019, Humarts 2019, Playground Live 2017-19, Drøm I Farver 2016-18, Baked Beans 2015.

Gustav has been studying music and writing on the pre-conservatory course Frederiksberg Mgk, BHS Frontsession, Testrup Højskole, Aurehøj Gymnasium and Ollerup musikefterskole. He is also influenced by his world famous mentor Bo Stief.