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Glen Montanaro (Xhud (ʃuːt))

Aalborg, Denmark

Glen is a jazz guitarist and works in various project but the main project mentioned “Xhud” is Audio-Visual.

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At a young age Glen studied composition and later on shifted to Jazz guitar. He has had classes with notable teachers including Mike Moreno, Yotam Silberstein, Romain Pilon and Sandro Zerafa. His studies in Jazz guitar, furthered in Italy where he completed two seminars and a pre-academic year. Returning from Siena, he formed a trio, focusing on writing music and leading. In 2017, was chosen for an intercultural residency in France led by Fabrizio Cassol where his interest in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean music developed. In 2018, a collaboration with composer Jess Rymer diving into experimental/electronic music was formed and his participation in the New York Jazz Masters brought him closer to the jazz tradition. In, 2021 he applied and got accepted for a Bachelor’s programme at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium in Aalborg where he started his work on the project Xhud.

“Xhud” (ʃuːt) is the title for a new project by Aalborg-based guitarist and composer Glen Montanaro featuring 2 other young musicians and a visual artist.
The project is a cross-collaboration between musical and visual artists with a focus on improvisation using musical instruments and projected live-drawings. The theme that ties the work together is based on a reflection on that which we perceive as inner and outer to our human body and mind.

Glen Montanaro Trio

Xhud (ʃuːt) - Abramakabra

Kelb Iswed - Xhud (ʃuːt)