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Giuseppe Zammuto


I’m a bass player and composer with experiences that ranges from orchestral to baroque music, from traditional/contemporary jazz to electronic and radical improvised music.

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I was born in Sicily, an inspiring and poetic island in the center of the Mediterraneum Sea, between Europe, Middle-East and Africa.With the musical dream still very present, I invested some time in formal academic education in Italy, in hopes of acquiring essential tools and resources to grow in his area of specialty. I studied modern electric bass, classical, and jazz double bass in Palermo Conservatory for seven years with some of the most renowned jazz and classical musicians in Italy and Europe.
Once this period was over, I pursued my own way by self-learning and exploring new realms in North Europe. During this transition time, I had the honour to perform with highly respected musicians such as Peter Erskine, Gianluigi Trovesi, Gregg Field, Bobby Watson, Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt, Monica Mancini, Orazio Maugeri, Daniele Roccato, Adam Rudolph, Marcello Pellitteri, Mark Dresser, Sebastian Gramms, Barre Philips and more. During this self-learning journey, I was honoured to cross paths with several renowned tutors that helped him gain introspective insight on his musical journey.

These tutors include Ron Carter, Dario Deidda, Daniele Roccato, Thomas Martin, Massimo Moriconi, Carlos Del Puerto, Christian Ciaccio and others.As of 2015, my musical career experienced professional stability, collaborating with several ensembles and musicians.

The current list of repertoires thus far includes:
Early/Baroque: Mediterranean Baroque Ensemble (part of National Baroque Conservatory Orchestra) Cordes et Vent and collabourations with some Conservatories baroque departments as assistant/supervisor.
Classical: collaborations with some of the most important teathers in Sicily like Massimo and Politeama theatres in Palermo, other foundations, and some Cameristic/Solo projects.
Contemporary: collaborations with Adam Rudolph (USA), Bassmasse (an experimental ensemble of fifty double basses), Curva Minore, Improvisers Orchestra and Anima Chordis (double bass and voice upcoming project).
Jazz: Palermo Jazz Orchestra (Peter Erskine, Gianluigi Trovesi, Joy Garrison, and more..), Brass Group Foundation (the only one Recognised Jazz Foundation in Sicily), and several national and international collaborations.

I shortly enrolled once again to formal education, in hopes of widening my horizons. I’m currently a post-graduate student, possessing two Electric Bass Degrees (Bachelors and Master) with honours. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to work on an experimental final thesis, focused on music for six-string electric bass. The final result of this project was a first national integral execution of Concerto for Jazz Bass and Orchestra (J. Beal), a written concert for Solo Acoustic and Electric Bass, Rhythm Section and Orchestra.
At the moment, I’m enrolled in yet another Jazz Double Bass Master degree in Denmark at the Danish Royal Academy Of Music.