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Gergo D. Farkas

Budapest, Hungary / Stockholm, Sweden

Gergo David Farkas is a choreographer and dance artist, currently based in Budapest and Stockholm.

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  • Dance
  • Physical Theatre

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Gergo holds a BA in contemporary dance from the Amsterdam University of the Arts MTD department, where they worked with choreographers such as Dunja Jocic, Cristina Planas Leitao, Liat Waysbort, Mami Kang, Ahmed El Gendy or Elisa Zuppini. Outside of their education’s framework they collaborated with visual artists Anna Adam (Gray Box Projects) and Joran van Soest, researching the intersections of dance and film: Ø (2017) a collaboration with Joran van Soest presented in numerous festivals and venues such as the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam; as well as exhibitions and choreography (Anna Adam: sorry not sorry, Gergo Farkas: d u o (2018) presented at MU Theatre, Budapest).

In season 19/20 they became familiar with the works and choreographic practices of Alma Söderberg and Deborah Hay in Cullberg (Stockholm) where they later returned as a guest dancer. In season 20/21, Gergo is engaged in the creative process of their multidisciplinary choreographic project DEEP FAKE in Budapest. In 2021 they received the ImpulsTanz Festival’s DanceWEB Scholarship under the direction of Frederic Gies and Anne Juren. Since 2019, Gergo creates queer performances in the Budapest nightlife scene under the name salomesnores.

Gergo works with a body which has an extended amount of possibilities to transform into and manifest in both human and non-human states of being. Their desire to choose dance and choreography (again and again) is based on the recognition of understanding as a conservative concept which isn’t enough in itself to keep one alive. Gergo is currently engaged in a movement based research on simulacras and the unoriginal. They strive to understand what the responsibility of illusion is in a world in which nothing is that real anymore.