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Gemima Band

Manchester, England

I’m a saxophonist player and composer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’ve studied music at the National Institute for Arts in Kinshasa, DRC where I played in the Institute’s Chamber Orchestra. The inspiration of my music comes from nature, the daily lives of people and social issues. Since studying I have gone on to lead my own ensemble; Gemima Band, performing a range of styles, with influences from the African subcontinent and beyond. The band has gathered a significant following amongst Congolese and European audiences, but increasingly in the UK too.

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GEMIMA MBUYI writes and deciphers the score, interprets and composes by crossing Folk styles (Mutuashi) with more modern rhythms borrowed from Jazz and current music. In her music, she does more instrumental music including the Saxo Lead, interpreting the greats such as MANU DIBANGU, KENNY-G., DAV-KOZ, GEORGES DUKE, CANDY DULFER who form for her, world fusion.

She studied at the National Institute of Arts in Kinshasa. Graduated in Musical Interpretation as a saxophone instrument, she played in the “INA Chamber” Orchestra, After her studies, she created a group called “GEMIMA BAND” with which she gave several concerts at the Center Wallonie Brussels, at the Halle des Etoiles in Lubumbashi, Belgium, Paris, Senegal, and Portugal. She also gave charity concerts in favor of abandoned children and unmarried mothers. In the UK she has participated in more festivals such as the Manchester musical festival (the Horizons Festival 2021) as well as working with CAN (Community Arts North West).

Scope : With the music of GEMIMA BAND, we target all kinds of public music. We do a mix of styles, we exploit everything, bring more to African music and help young people like us become better artists and musicians.

Our ambitions: To make our genre of mixed music styles known nationally and internationally.