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Filippo Gualazzi

Urbino, Italy

Filippo Gualazzi is a digital and multimedia artist inspired by human relationships with technology.

  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Installation Art

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Born in Urbino in 1993, Filippo studied Editorial Graphics at the Institute of Art and graduated in New Technologies of Art at the Urbino Academy, followed by a Masters in Multimedia Arts & Design at the University of Fine Art in Rome. During his studies, he combined advertising graphics, photography and video-making which allowed him to immediately work as a freelancer with some of the most well-known companies in the area around Pesaro.

During his  Masters, he increased his skills in the following sectors: multimedia and interactive exhibits, video mapping, virtual scenography and audiovisual performances. He had the opportunity to work on ambitious projects, won several prizes and participated in important New Media Art festivals. His main interest is to investigate new expressive form of collaboration between human and machine, indispensable in the post-technological era.