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Filip-Antonio Stoica

Bucharest, Romania

Stoica Filip is a choreographer, dancer and performer. He attended the University of arts in Bucharest and performs in the dance community in Bucharest. He has a background in different dance styles and theatre, his main focus is performing and creating different works. He likes to experience different visions of art.

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  • Dance
  • Installation Art
  • Physical Theatre
  • Street Theatre
  • Urban Arts

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He is an interpreter and choreographer, with a strong background in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and breakdance. He’s been exploring these various ways of movement since 2010. In the past he has collaborated with various people and institutions, like the Galway Dance Academy (Ireland), The Linotip Independent Choreography Center, Jan Burkhart, Marty Kudelka, and Gigi Caciuleanu – among many others. All of these experiences have combined and helped him understand the way he learns and develop how to move his body and interact with the world in a way that is right at the cultural merging point between all of the styles of dance. For him, movement and dancing, specifically, is a manifestation of our bodies and feelings. Everything that makes us human and brings us closer together, like breathing, walking, common gestures and feelings are our way of dancing through the world. In the end, everything he learned and experienced along the way influenced the creation of his own show, “Scuze, noi!” (“Sorry, Us!”), hosted by Cuibul Artistilor (Nest of Artists) from Bucharest.