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Federico Nelson Fioravanti

Aalborg, Denmark

I’m a percussion player and drummer currently living in Denmark. Since 2017 I’m the percussion player for the ONJ national jazz orchestra of Italian conservatories.

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Federico Nelson Fioravanti is a percussionist, drummer and composer currently living in Aalborg, Denmark.

He has been playing and performing since the age of 5, moved by the passion for music that has always been present in his family. His musician father inspired him to move his first
steps on drums that evolved later on into a serious and deep approach of the instrument’s repertoire and technique.

Federico express his musical and creative development always through two instruments, percussion and drums, cultivating the study of both with the same passion and dedication. He has been flowing through many different styles and genres, being inspired at first by jazz musicians and artists and subsequently moving towards a unified and comprehensive vision of the concept of music. His creed lies in the constant interaction of the elements, in the search for the unconventional and in the desire to connect the human being with the emotions arising from the knowledge of the World.

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