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Eszter Dobos

Budapest, Hungary

Eszter Dobos is a drama instructor focusing on community and participatory theatre.

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  • Community Theatre
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Eszter studied Art Mediation and Theatre at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest. During her studies she had the chance to gain experience in different fields of art mediation and applied theatre. Her main interests are community and participatory theatre, the latter was also the topic of her thesis.

In 2020, after finishing University Eszter started several projects co-created by Napsugár Trömböczky, including an artistic research into the methods of creating a score-based participatory performance in SÍN Art Centre at the beginning of 2021. The duo are currently developing a community performance called Social Karaoke, working with seven civilians from Budapest.

In 2021, Eszter joined Thought Generator which is the art educational department of Trafó House, planning online programs designed to experiment with using new online platforms such as TikTok.