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Belgrade, Serbia.

The dominant motif in Endo’s work is a self-portrait, however, it is not a classic self-portrait that depicts subtle emotions and the character of the artist through a realistic form, it is Francis Bacon portraits that allow emotions to deform them based on their needs. That deformed, brightly colored, head with bulging eyes and a prominent nose no longer looks like an artist at all because he illustrates the people around him through himself. His self-portraits contain reactions to the world around him as well as thoughts and feelings with which people bury him in everyday communication, whether they are passers-by on the street or people close to him. His head processes the collective feeling and all the people around him are shown in his works in the form of drawings, only lines, decapitated bodies or parts of him in which there is no substance. Color also plays an important role in expressing those emotions that people around it do not know how to express themselves, so dark purple and blue are in a way an illustration of the emotional bruises of our society. Since 2016, he has been experimenting with letters in his work. Not wanting to start from the already existing formulas, Endo views the letters as a kind of puzzle in which all lines and shapes are lost at first glance. That experiment, the product of which is a kind of controlled chaos, produced a whole series of works in which his self-portrait was placed in that chaotic state of logos.

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Endo is mainly based in the field of street-art, and also active on paintings and drawings. He start in 2005. Endo He graduated at the Faculty of Arts in Priština which has a temporary head office in Kosovska Mitrovica, in the Graphic Design department. He got his MA degree on the same Faculty in 2018. He is the coordinator of the fine art activity section at the Days of Urban Culture (Dani Urbane Kulture – DUK) in Čačak. In recent years it has been more based on murals.

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