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Emese Nagy

Budapest, Hungary

Emese Nagy graduated from the Budapest University of Theater and Film Arts in 2017 as a drama instructor. Her other theatrical work experiences are director assistant, animator, camp organizer and camp leader.

  • Community Theatre
  • Film
  • Theatre

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After the University, Emese returned to my hometown, Pécs, to join the Escargó Hajója Theatrical and Educational Organization where she worked as an actor and the leader of drama groups for children. She also played as a guest artist at Bóbita Puppet Theater. She joined Trafo House’s Thought Generator in the 2019/20 season as the leader of the art educational department.

In her works she gained experience in several branches of theater in education such as drama classes, TIE, workshops before and after the theatre’s performances and special Literature lessons.
She sees theater as an opportunity, a tool, a forum for self-expression and for forming dialogues on different social issues. As a member of this profession she wants to educate the next generation on social responsibility and critical thinking.