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Emanuele Spatola

Palermo, Italy

Emanuele is a sound designer and composer. He attained a bachelor’s degree in electronic music at the conservatory and likes to merge the field of recording into his work.

  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Installation Art
  • Music

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Active since 2016, Emanuele’s passion for electronic music was born through DJ-sets, as he is a DJ too. He worked with many artists, composers, sound designers and sound engineers, and further created compositions himself for short movies, videoclips and theatre. Currently, he’s focusing on the rediscovery of unfinished building narration through music and images. One of the projects he created is called SPIRITOSOUND, together with a team of local artists and videomakers driven by a common passion – to communicate and show what beauty their territory can offer. He’s also working on another project called CalibroDiscoMachine, where he does the DJ-set, with music like tribal, funk, italodisco, house, etc.