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Dora Lilla Toth

Budapest, Hungary

Dora Lilla Toth (Dori) is a singer-songwriter, violinist and visual artist based in Budapest, Hungary.

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Dori started her music career as a classical violinist at age five. As a teen she realised that there’s much more to music than she thought before, and after that she couldn’t imagine herself solely in the classical scene. Nowadays she participates in different Hungarian bands with various genres: she performs with the legendary János Bródy, one of the most famous singer-songwriters from the ’60s-’70s beat era; violinist and vocalist of Ricsárdgír, an aspiring Hungarian dadaist synth-punk-pop band; lead singer, violinist, songwriter and lyricist of Nunki Bay Starship, her main act with pop-funk-neosoulish songs and trippy lyrics.

She also likes to take care of the visual arts in Nunki Bay Starship, from designing an album cover to creating clothes and accessories from trash for photoshoots. Besides performing, she works as a vocal teacher, mixing her technical knowledge with elements of mindful living, connecting music and meditation.