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Djurdjina Samardzic

Belgrade, Serbia

Djurdjina Samardzic’s work crosses different disciplines, methodologies, artistic and theoretical research. The essence of her work is based on the practice of biopolitical art, the impossibility of setting boundaries between real life and artificial, flirting with social networks, digital content, body, sound, scene design, narrative, etc.

  • Audio-Visual
  • Costume Design
  • Digital Art
  • Film
  • Illustration
  • Installation Art
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Visual Arts

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Djurdjina Samardzic (Đurđina Samardžić) – Bachelor of Scene, Architecture, Technique and Design

She graduated with the topic “Study of home space as a biopolitical space in art.” Enrolled in the artistic Master studies in Scene, Architecture and Design, she explores prenatal life through theoretical – medical – artistic research.

Djurdjina is creator of the spatial and conceptual design of a basketball court in Ohio, USA, of music videos and the visual identity for the Dutch band My Baby, Canadian artist Filip Filipi and guest Gucci Mane “Nine Roses”, the Slovenian band 36H “Black and White” etc. She is a scene and costume designer for performances in site-specific environments including “Editor”, “How can I explain this to my son?” and the musical “The Second story man” in New York, USA, where she also worked as an artistic director, assistant director and producer.

She has showcased her work in several exhibitions – the most important ones include “City of Sand”, where she worked as the creator of the art installation “Balkan Gun”, which led to the censored video art “Balkan Gun” created in Croatia and then presented in “Small Dictionary of Disappearance” by curator Tatjana Dadić Dinulović at the” 41st Salon of Architecture “at the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade with the architectural project of the ambient space” Front Theater “, at the exhibition “Stage Laboratory 2.0: Ideology and (or) What to do”, where the premiere of the short film “Fatherland” was etc.

Djurdjina participated in the development of the spatial solution of the “Festival of Street Musicians”, in the realisation of “Exit” and as the PR manager of the “Impulse!” Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. She was the performer of the hybrid art project “#livebebo”, the etude “Act and React” by Jasmin Novaljković performed in Croatia, the performance “Lifkoptikum” by Deneš Debreji within the festival “Desire”, actress and collaborator in short films by Stanko Gagrčin Zavetnica “Danica: The Case of an Odd morning”, “SOS babes” etc. She is a member and associate of “Chamber Stage Miroslav Antić”. Djurdjina worked as a radio announcer and host of the “Culture Shock” show on “NoLimit” radio and as a member of the commission for the development of a local action plan for youth policy in the municipality of Senta, in the culture sector.

She graduated from the Academy of Aesthetics and Cosmetology, Department of Tattooing and currently works as an independent artist in the field of digital art, creative direction, but also as a tattoo artist in order to implement the school’s methodology through various media. She researches sound and uses her internet platforms as an exhibition space for pseudo – diaries, which she considers to be potential new artistic space for artists – performers – curators. Her pseudonym and various artistic characters and disciplines are found in the GG help movement which is a potential brand of her engagement.