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Den Nøgne Lyriker (The Nude Poet)

Aarhus, Denmark

Marie Skipper is creating a space for feelings. Skipper focuses on simplicity – in her vocabulary and the perspectives her poetry revolves around. Skipper feels that the message becomes more vulnerable and powerful when the words are direct at first – then when you read it again all of the layers come afloat.

  • Poetry

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Marie Skipper wants to express feelings at their strongest. At the core. The pseudonym Den Nøgne Lyriker (The nude poet) symbolizes her way of writing: authentically. With this way of writing, she hopes to open the poetic world up to more readers by demonstrating that words can be simple, beautiful and deep. Skipper isn’t afraid to touch topics that can be difficult. She uses her poetic voice to emphasize what, she feels, needs to be said out loud: e.g. the world needs to slow down and become more honest and present. She also uses poetry to try and normalize the body and sexuality in a world where the body and what you may or may not do with it has become a very delicate subject to address. Skipper has always felt different and hopes that with her poetry and by being honest about her feelings and her way of seeing the world, maybe others won’t grow up feeling alone and perhaps people will feel the courage to be more real.

Her debut anthology deals with true love and all the feelings that come with it. The love story is described through a sexual relationship between a “you” and an “I”. Particularly after her debut, Skipper has been involved in multiple events, where she has been reading her poetry as well as discussing important subjects such as the power of speech, sexuality, and what it is like to be a young female poet in this day and age. She’s determined to present poetry to a wider audience and does so, not only by her way of writing, but also by presenting it in exciting and creative ways. One of her current projects is a collaboration with a local coffee shop in Aarhus, where she has been writing poems to decorate the “to go”-cups.