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Csilla Hajnal Nagy

Istanbul, Turkey

Csilla Hajnal Nagy is a Hungarian artist born in Slovakia, living in Istanbul since 2018. Her main area is poetry and prose, but she also writes plays and reviews (the latter mostly about films and series). She has an MA in comparative literature, and studied various methods and areas of analog photography (including large format photography) from a Hungarian photo artist in Slovakia.

  • Photography
  • Poetry

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Csilla is interested in collaborations about writing and photography. Her first book, Miért félünk az őrültektől (Kalligram, 2016 – Why Are We Afraid of the Insane) is a collection of poems, for which she has been awarded the Makói Medáliák Award for the best first poetry book of the year in Hungary.

Her first novel is coming out in the Autumn of 2021. Her poems have been published in various journals and anthologies in Hungarian, Slovakian, English, Serbian, Turkish and Azeri. She has been invited to and participated in international poetry festivals in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and India. Apart from literature and photography she has also been interested in creating music, she plays the flute and the guitar, and she wrote a few songs with her ukulele (which can be listened to on her Soundcloud account).