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Cecelia Marshall

Hamburg, Germany

Cecelia Marshall is an Applied Theatre facilitator known for creating spaces where youth are welcome to share, learn and express themselves using various theatrical methods such as Theatre of the Oppressed (forum theatre, image theatre, games, etc.) masks, clowning, puppetry, improvisation and playback theatre.

She works with migrants and refugees, primarily youth, in theatre and provides creative performance art as a mechanism for voice, empowerment, and community building. Cecelia believes that theatre is a space for coercion between the self, the actors, the audience and the society in general and it’s where knowledge is learned, explored and applied in order to bring that change to the world.

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  • Dance
  • Film
  • Poetry
  • Puppetry
  • Street Theatre

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Cecelia graduated with both a journalism and international studies degree from the University of Arizona and moved to Cambodia in 2013, where she worked as a reporter for years before beginning her master’s degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations. In her masters, she specialised in Applied Theatre with unaccompanied minors and has given talks on the subject at various conferences around Europe.

Throughout her career as a journalist and during her masters studies, she trained at the European school of Michael Checkhov as well as in Theatre of the Oppressed. Her passion for theatre has taken her around the world, from Cambodia, Palestine, Slovenia and Germany, where she has worked with various groups in theatre, film, and performance as well as directed productions in schools and theatre groups.

As a journalist and trained actress herself, she has also written and performed pieces that challenge societal issues and pressures youth face today.