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Aarhus, Denmark

Bløm (Antosia Kwiatkowska) is a Polish-born singer and songwriter working with electronic music from mellow electronica, trap, breakbeat to house and techno. Known for her multidimensional, sweet and sour vocals, she co-creates with a Danish producer, Tony Andersen for Nanovision Production Denmark.

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Bløm is a young musician, singer and songwriter from Warsaw, Poland. Her interest in music was present from the earliest stage of her life, as her parents say: “she’s been singing even before she could speak”. Antosia moved from Poland to Denmark in 2016 where she finished her Bachelor in Branding and Marketing Management. That and meeting a Danish producer and musician, Tony Andersen, enabled her to launch her music brand in 2019 where she’s not only the artist and the creative director but also brand and marketing manager, graphic designer and event coordinator. She and her producer, Tony, founded Nanovision Production Denmark, working with young talents from around the world.

Bløm works with different genres within electronic music from mellow electronica, breakbeat, future bass, trap, liquid funk to house and techno. She collaborates with musicians, art organisations, fashion designers and make-up artists from countries such as Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Austria and Tunisia. When performing live, Bløm creates a full-dimension experience by integrating live visuals using mapping projections and bringing her own plants, as maintaining them is yet another of her passions.

Her stage name, Bløm, is an important part of her identity that connects to her surname that translates as “flower” with her Danish connections. The danish letter “Ø” is integrated into her stage name giving it the final form of “Bløm”.

“My goal is to expose myself through my music to the listeners and create an intimate yet inclusive experience. I love to evoke emotions through music creation and help people get lost in the beauty of what the art of music creates.”