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Birgitte Bisgaard Nielsen

Aalborg, Denmark

Birgitte Bisgaard Nielsen works with dance, choreography, performance and theatre both as a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher.

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  • Carnival
  • Costume Design
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Street Theatre

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Birgitte has been a choreographer and dancer for “Karnevalskoloritterne” (a carnival company based in Aalborg, Denmark) for the last ten years. It is important for her to create a choreography that reflects the theme of the carnival and supports the artistic image of the company; that being the float, the costumes, the music. It must all be easily understood by the audience although it may not be mainstream. There should always be room for some creative and artistic “craziness” expressing the essence of a carnival.

As a dance teacher, Birgitte tries to let student’s feelings, movements and sense of music shine through. To let their own creativity and expressions lead the way. Letting them know that dance is more about the feeling and less about the steps.