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Billie Enders

Leipzig, Germany

Coming from the theatre, Billie Enders developed a preference for artistic productions operating at the intersection of the arts, social work and education. She believes that artistic means can be used to explore reality in other ways than through mere rational understanding. The approach is interdisciplinary, participatory and process oriented.

  • Audio-Visual
  • Film
  • Installation Art
  • Street Theatre
  • Urban Arts

During her year at the Bürgerbühne of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Billie worked with non-professional actors, so-called experts of everyday life, who were encouraged to explore their own biographies, providing an insight into otherwise unseen parts of life. Artistic creation with non-professionals entails the exploration of novel paths and an endless potential of different aesthetics, methods and styles.

In her work as a theatre pedagogue, Billie Enders enjoys the method of artistic research, with emphasis on questions rather than answers, a democratic and transparent approach, the process being more important than the result. This is how the theatre piece The Grand Finale – a Theatrical Research on Death came about. Together with young actors between the ages of 13 and 17 she researched and experimented on the theme of dying, death and mourning in an interdisciplinary and performative way. The material that was gathered, resulted in an emotionally diverse, self-reflective and honest theatre event, showcasing the team’s collective knowledge. Artistic research is a tool Billie appreciates for its useful impact in cultural and art education. It enables the participants to experience a playful, fear-free approach to a subject, allowing them to find their own styles of expression.

In her work with the collective Kollektiv Kubik she moves within the fields of artistic intervention, installation, urban theatre and performance. In its events and creative workshops, taking place in rural and urban areas alike, participative and cooperative activities are implemented, highlighting questions pertaining to what active participation and co-creation in society at large could look like.

Alongside her artistic activities, Billie Enders is a volunteer in the hospice movement, as well as in children and youth social work. All of these activities connect, in Billie’s endeavour to guide people to their own self-empowerment.