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Aalborg, Denmark

I am a versatile electric bass player based in Aalborg, Denmark playing with my own group Kasper Winther Quartet and various other projects ranging from reggae to jazz fusion. The ideal musical situation for me is a creative and improvisation based environment in which genres melt together and artistic communication thrives.

Video of my own project is linked below!

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In a time of clickbait, bloat and ads free information on the internet suffers from an inherent problem. Innovation is sterilized by the pursuit of pleasing the audience rather than providing the information they need in a compact, accessible and quality format. Bass.Directory as a project seeks to make a change by publishing free high-quality e-books regarding rhythm, theory and improvisation in music. I believe high quality educational music material should be accessible for everyone and Bass.Directory is going to fill that void one book at a time!


Fusion Bass Line Vibes [Cm-Ebm-Dbm-Bbm]

There Will Never Be Another You - Bass Solo