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Arjun Jamil

Hamburg, Germany

As a scientist and sustainability expert, Arjun Jamil (b. 1993) works in collaboration with performance artists and installations to bring the theme of sustainability to a wider audience. In a world increasingly divided, his work combines technology, statistical research and sociology, to enable public interaction towards a united future.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Film
  • Installation Art
  • Photography

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Arjun is currently a sustainability manager and photographer in Hamburg (DE). Originally from India, Arjun travelled around the world to experience colourful cultures and people before arriving in Germany for his M.Sc. in Environmental Management.

An environmentalist at heart, he values nature and how humans interact with it. He therefore took up many roles through the years to bring the joys of conservation and sustainability to the public sphere, and to enable these interactions for the people and businesses alike. With a keen sense for business and a solution-oriented approach, Arjun’s projects have been diverse both in themes and size. Foodbox Cottbus (2018-2019), for example is a collaborative installation where travelling students could share their leftover food on social media. Arjun headed coordinating, programming and constructing the project. Cubes of Communication (2020-current) is another where performance artists in transparent cubes interact with audiences in unusual, absurdist ways to imagine a sustainable future together.

Arjun works with a variety of new visual and sound media, including photography, augmented/virtual reality and podcasts among others. He’s currently looking for innovative art projects with a focus on technology (AR, VR, IoT etc.) and sustainability (CO2 reductions, circular economy etc.) Among many other sustainability related works, Arjun is often invited to give workshops and speak at conferences. He strives to impart public action to bring institutional change, with a mindful approach towards technology, innovation and sociology.