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Another Story Collective

Portsmouth, UK

Deeply multimedia, Another Story Collective always tend to create bold moving images raising questions around identity, immigration and pop culture. The duo love to create accessible, engaging work with elements of video games, animation, film and new technology to push participative and interactive aspects. 

  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Film
  • Installation Art
  • Music

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Another Story Collective is Bedos Mavambu and Pablo Melchor. Our cultural backgrounds and influences are a blend from West and Central Africa, western and Eastern Europe. Our common denominator is Manchester where we met, where our immigration story ended and where our artistic career started. We have a background in film-making, video game design, visual art, large scale projections, interactive pieces and installations.

As visual agitators we make it our duty to reconnect the dots between our roots, modern manifestations of colonialism and other cultural phenomenon’s.

We always focus on positive and constructive critical visions. The themes we are exploring evolve around identity, economic and social status, social and cultural representation, immigration, othering, legal vs moral. We believe in art as a form of activism.

We are interested in the mix-up of cutting edge techniques such as Virtual reality, photogrammetry and lidar scanning as well as projection mapping with more low key processes, raw and tangible materials such as clay, wood and fabric into our creative workflow.

We are drawing inspiration from Beninese and Congolese Folklore and antic storytelling oral tradition. We have been deeply influenced by the work of artists such as yinka shonibare, Alexandro Jodorovsky and his psych magic as well as movements such as Afrofuturism.

Spoken word poetry/storytelling has always been a strong part of our work and is a very direct way to address the audience and draw them in. If our poetry tends more toward Data or surrealist, our visual borrows from international pop art and modern African art.