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Andrea Antinori


Andrea Antinori is based in Bologna, Italy and studied graphic design and illustration at ISIA in Urbino and at Escola Massana in Barcelona.
Since 2013 Andrea has worked as an illustrator for different Italian publishing houses, in particular for Corraini Edizioni, which he worked with to publish Is this a moose? (2015), A book about whales (2016 – exhibited at Mambo, Bologna), Christ’s entry into Brussels (2017), The great battle (2019) and On the lives of lemurs (2020).

In 2017 and 2020, he was selected for the illustrators’ exhibition during Bologna’s children’s book fair. In 2019, the picture book The great battle won Best International Illustrated Book at the Shanghai book fair, and – together with the publisher Biancoenero edizioni and author Vincent Cuvellier – won the Andersen Prize (Best Book, 6-9 years).

In 2017, Andrea designed the the picture for Mantova “Festivaletteratura”, and he collaborated with Imaquinario in Lima, Perù for its first two editions.

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