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András Weil

Budapest, Hungary

Andras Weil is one of the prominent musicians of the Budapest music scene. As composer/keyboardist he is leader of the Hungarian post-pop group Odd ID, member of alternative cult-band Kistehén and is touring internationally with Ghanian satire-rap duo Fokn Bois. In 2019, he toured with the psychedelic-rock band The Qualitons and performed at KEXP Radio, Seattle.

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As a music composer, he builds his own soundscapes for theatre, film or 3D projection mapping. As a music producer and engineer he makes records and coaches bands, helping them find their identical voices/sounds. Andras describes himself as a cross-genre / cross-cultural figure.

No matter what style, arrangement or language the music is being performed in, he is looking for the emotional cores and ways to express them to the listener. He believes that the more versatile members of a band or a community are, the more original and creative output they may generate.

Building his own various musician’s skills and connecting to a vivid pool of fellow musicians, he hopes that his attitude would result in great musical value and inspiration for many others.