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Ana Trebše

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ana Trebše (b. 1992) studied film directing in Belgrade, Serbia. What appeals to her most are stories which seem to little to be told. She believes that humans carry inside answers to all questions of humanity. Both documentary and fiction, her filmmaking peels off the layers revealing the answers.

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Ana has always been fascinated by everything non-verbal. In high school, she was a part of a physical theatre group. Later on, she went on to Serbia to study film directing. At film school, her topics of exploration included inclusion, regret, rebellion, seduction, estrangement, deviousness, yearning, fear of closeness, nature, responsibility – all through a prism of characters that she felt close to. In every room she’s in, she always notices the person who hides the most.

She completed BA in film and television directing (BA) at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Her fiction graduation film “Chasm” won the best Slovenian short award at FeKK 2018, a special mention at Montenegro Film Festival 2019, best live action short film at Star Film Festival 2019 and 2nd prize at ATAFF 2019 in Hungary.

In her 2016 observational documentary “Dolce vita” she sneaks a peek into life of a young couple, living on a small Croatian island, without any traffic or shops. Away from civilisation, they have created a life that fits them perfectly, something that a lot of people talk about doing, but few actually do. In the last couple of years, Ana conducts film workshops. During 2019 Isola Cinema Film Festival, she took part in leading an experimental film workshop for youngsters, a part of EU project Moving cinema.