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Aleksandar Kovačević

Belgrade, Serbia

Aleksandar Kovačević is a young costume designer – textile artist, born in Novi Sad. His work in numerous theatre plays, films and advertisements began during his Textile and Clothes design studies at the College of Design, Technology and Management in Belgrade. He obtained his second bachelor’s degree in Textile technology – Chemical technology of textile materials and products, at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, with an award for the best students “Panta S. Tutundzic”.

  • Costume Design

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Aleksandar’s distinctive costume design style is built through the use of unconventional materials such as kombucha mushroom, chewing gum, etc, as well as a chemical intervention on textile. His confidence to experiment in the textile area comes from obtained two bachelor’s degrees, as a Textile and Clothes designer and as a Textile Engineer.

Freshness which he brings to the costume design is characterized by a great desire to experiment and transform costumes into work of art and it is approved by the award for the best costume design at the 54th Theater Festival “Joakim Vujić” 2018 for the Theatre play “Lift- Slobodan Show” National Theater in Prishtina.