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LIBERTY EU is an exciting international arts programme exploring and celebrating freedom.

Led by Art Reach, and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, LIBERTY EU will connect with communities through creative and cultural exchanges across Europe.

The LIBERTY EU partnership, led by Art Reach, believes in the positive impact of creative integration, through art and culture, in helping to forge a new sense of identity and place (both locally and Europe-wide) with strong engagement from young people.

LIBERTY EU brings together 12 cultural partners from 10 countries, partners with passion and commitment. Our commitment as a partnership is to engage young artists and young audiences with this work.

LIBERTY EU will enable artists and cultural professionals to work together over three years and will see the commissioning of at least 75 new works to be presented at free events across Europe. LIBERTY EU will also establish an online portfolio of 750 young artists.

The LIBERTY EU partnership will explore creative and cultural connections in events such as Festivals, venues, interdisciplinary arts presentations, training sessions, and conferences. Embedded in the project is a commitment to prioritise and engage with culturally diverse and disadvantaged communities.

LIBERTY EU will celebrate its finale with a European wide programme of events and cultural connections from May to September 2022, using new technology to share works and ideas as widely as possible.

Liberty EU is focused around 6 Core aspects.

Pop up performances in unusual locations.

A performance taking place both outdoors and inside cultural or non-traditional venues; bridging the two spaces.

Follow intriguing creative trails of street theatre, live music or
storytelling through the streets of your city, town or park, and be guided to spaces you might not have ventured before.

Bringing the carnival atmosphere to a high street or green space near you.

A moving, parade-like, performance that engages passers-by and audiences on the street.

Watch stories unfold through streets, presented and staged by incredible performers and set designers. Be immersed in, and captivated by unforgettable colourful spectacles featuring beautiful costume design, choregraphed dance or highly technical puppetry.

A variety of visual arts in new spaces both digital and physical.

Provocative and place-making visual art, sculptural art, murals, street art and graffiti that exhibits anywhere there is a suitable space.

Presented in spaces where you can take your time and be in no rush. Take in a range of art at your own pace, and on your own terms and in your own place.

Bringing arts and culture to a screen near you.

Presented outdoors, this work cuts across any art form and features significant digital elements in its creation.

Recognising that technology influences our everyday life, this strand presents the many ways artists incorporate digital into their work – either as a central component of the work itself or presented in a way that demonstrates how embracing digital can modernise traditional artforms and engage new audiences.

Sharing the learning and creating the next generation of artists.

LIBERTY EU workshops are practical, accessible, challenging and fun. They enable the co-creation and exploration of the project’s themes.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, educational workshops aim to inspire and excite people, and engage them in conversations about their world through creative activities.

Sharing the learning through artist, partner and audience development initiatives.

Enable a deep-dive into the project’s themes; raising questions, seeking actions, and galvanising more interest and spin-off activity.

The themes explored through LIBERTY EU aim to reflect the issues and challenges that affect us. These seminars give voice to young artists and practitioners that are sharing important messages through their work and to those that want to respond to this work in terms of how it impacts them and their thoughts on the world now and in the future.

Freedom of Movement? curated by mandla rae - Inside Out Performance

Meet the LIBERTY EU Team.

Nathalie Cornille

CNC Danse

Nathalie Cornille choreographed her first piece in 1997 and created her contemporary dance company in 2000 (CNC Danse). For more than 20 years, she has been making her creative work known throughout Europe, paying particular attention to young audiences. Natalie says, "I think that all actions such as LIBERTY EU give coherence to the union of European countries and open new perspectives for the future of young citizens. Artists find precious help in the LIBERTY EU project."

Marko Panajotovic

Centar E-8

Marko Panajotović is an actor, trainer of Forum theater, an activist and peer educator for the past ten years. This year he became a director of Reflektor theater, and graduated at Medical faculty. Marko says, “The LIBERTY EU project will bring together many artists from the world and inspire them to connect in transnational communities and promote intercultural dialogue. It will break all the physical borders and create a better basis for young artists to show their work.”

Giovani Barbieri


Giovanni Barbieri has developed a deep knowledge in the fields of education and integration, due to his work experience in the International and European cooperation sectors. He has contributed to the management and promotion of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion. Giovani Says, “The LIBERTY EU Project gives the possibility to increase art and culture in our society, at a time when it is needed!”

Tom Lanzki


Tom Lanzki is the artistic director for the STAMP Festival over more than 10 years, is working in the field of theater in public spaces for more than 25 years and the promotion of young artists for art in public spaces for more than 10 years. Tom says, “It’s a Crazy world and very difficult for young artists, so hopefully LIBERTY EU will give young artists the opportunity to connect, to be inspired and to find together forms of expression to say and show through art different points of view related to liberty in our times.”

Sjaja Haddadi

Aalborg Carnival

Sjaja started at Aalborg Carnival as an intern, studying Dramaturgy at university. For the last 14 years, she has learned more and more about the organisation of the carnival and is now the Director of Aalborg Carnival. Sjaja says: “I love travelling to other festivals and carnivals and learning about their traditions and participating of course! The LIBERTY EU project is yet another wonderful EU project that connects us with a much larger creative European family and I am very thankful to be a part of it.”

Boris Beja

Pionirski Dom

Boris Beja is a visual artist. He regularly exhibits his works in prominent exhibition halls, and his works are also included in national art collections. Boris Beja has been working for Pionirski dom since 2017, where he shares his own experiences of artistic creativity with young people and adults in the field of painting and sculpture. Boris says, “I see the LIBERTY EU project as an organic scheme that is constantly evolving. We are looking for answers to questions that surprise us. Above all, we support young artists and help them enter the world of the real art world with our experiences and knowledge. The LIBERTY EU project is important for our institution, as it gives us a good insight into the international world of creativity. This can also inspire us and, in cases of good practice, we see what is possible in youth creativity. Above all, this is the international reference for the public institution, and hopefully we may also inspire other partners in the project.” (Image: Mito Gegič)

Lynn Simmonds


I am the General Manager of ArtReach and I lead on LIBERTY EU’s financial and project reporting to one the programme’s co-funders – the European Union through Creative Europe. Lynn says, “I hope the LIBERTY EU project inspires young people (whether they be artists, participants or audiences of this work or any type of creative work) to speak out and take action to shape the ‘Europe’ they want to live in and be part of today and in the future.”

Vesna Tripkovic

PionirskI Dom

Vesna Tripković is head of Culture and Artistic department in Pionirski dom for several years. She is specialized in literacy education for pre-schoolers, for which she created a programme Črkarija, which promotes reading culture through the initial literacy of children. Her programme Young Scientists is devoted to exploring science and art, testing the hypotheses with experiments, discovering and exploring nature and its creations. She is the leader of Hokus Pokus science festival, which she is organizing since 2007. Vesna is also working in the field of film education, organizing and leading the ZOOM International film festival for children and youth. She is project manager on LIBERTY EU Creative Europe project in Pionirski dom. Vesna says, “I hope that creation of Artistic platform will help young artist to achieve international recognition, spread their work worldwide and empowered them with new knowledge, gained by youth exchanges and work in foreign countries.”

Andrada Cazan

Teatrul Național Radu Stanca Sibiu

Andrada Cazan has been working in the Marketing Department of the Radu Stanca National Theatre and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival since 2012. She is responsible for the attendance of the special guests within the festival and, in the past two years, she has been coordinating the Special Conferences Section and Film Section within the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Andrada says, ”In such tumultuous times, the LIBERTY EU project brings together young artists from different European environments, encourages them to express their cultural diversity and offers new collaboration opportunities.”

Zsuzsi Nagy


Zsuzsi Nagy is a programmer at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts Budapest for over 10 years. She is involved in curating and managing performing art events of all sorts: theater, dance, circus and all types of cross-genre magic. She is the project manager of Liberty EU in Trafo and her goal with the programme is to raise difficult topics that may induce social change, to show different perspectives that helps acceptance, while providing possibilities for young local artists for international experiences and recognition.